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Flue Gas Dampers

Flue Gas Dampers. Flue gas dampers are installed in the connection pipe between a boiler and the chimney and close the flue gas path, if the chimney is no longer in use. The flow safeguard prevents the cooling down of the heat generator and the installation room, which helps to save energy.

What is a Flue Damper?

A flue damper is a cast iron or steel plate on a spindle fitted inside a flue system (usually in the first length of vitreous enamel flue pipe) which can be rotated by a small handle outside the flue pipe to reduce the adverse affects of a strong flue up-draught or 'pull'.

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boiler damper flue stabilizing system Prior art date 2010-02-23 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.) Abandoned Application number US12/932,161 Inventor John Robert Weimer Original Assignee John Robert Weimer Priority …

Oil-Fired Boilers and Furnaces

The most common retrofit is the addition of a vent (or flue) damper. A vent damper prevents chimney losses by closing off a boiler's vent when the boiler isn't firing. Steam boilers benefit from vent dampers more than hot-water boilers, and bigger boilers benefit more than smaller ones.

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What is the use of a damper in a boiler?

In chimney vented residential boilers, both steam and hot water, it is common for manufacturers to include an electrically operated flue damper between the boiler and chimney. By closing the flue pipe between heating cycles, less warm room air was pulled up the chimney through the flue diverter, allowing them to claim a higher efficiency.

Help! Vent Damper Failed

A quite tale of woe as a result of my three year old son turning our boiler on and off and managing to kill the vent damper. Obviously we now are without heat. Is there an easy way to override the damper so we can have some heat to get us through the night. The damper has four wires going into our Penco boiler. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Automatic Vent Dampers Oil Fired Heating Equipment

Automatic vent dampers save energy and lower heating cost fuel bills How does an automatic vent damper work When, where, and why is an automatic vent damper or flue vent damper installed? Inspection guide to flue vent dampers on oil fired heating equipment Questions & answers about automatic vent dampers on heating systems

The flue damper product range - Kutzner+Weber

The first flue damper was patented by Mr. Diermayer in 1934 and then manufactured and marketed by Kutzner + Weber. Diermayer thermal dampers were the first flue dampers but it was not until 1973 that the application range was extended with a motor-actua-ted version. Thermal flue dampers These are largely maintenance-free and operate fully ...

Automatic Vent Dampers

Automatic Vent Dampers | HVAC Energy Efficiency - Everyone wants to get the most out of their equipment whether it be for heating and cooling or anything else. If we can save a few bucks every month then its good we saved that money and energy for the future.

How & Why to Open & Inspect Barometric Dampers & Draft

How to inspect the oil fired boiler or furnace flue through the barometric damper opening How to interpret the level of soot or debris inside of oil fired heating equipment chimneys and vents Draft Regulators & Barometric Dampers: A Guide to Barometric Dampers on Oil Fired Boilers, Furnaces, Water Heaters: inspection, adjustment, cleaning, troubleshooting Cleaning & maintenance guide for ...

Stuck Automatic Vent Damper

On a gas fired boiler like a Burnham or Weil Mclain to name a couple the auto vent damper is the first sign of life on a call for heat. While not frequent they sometimes get stuck closed or not ...


The Series ’HAC - F ’ Ventilation Air Flue Damper, is designed to save energy by stopping the escape of warm air up the chimney vent while the heating appliance is not firing and is interlocked to be open during firing.

The misunderstood barometric damper

A barometric damper is a great solution. High draft will pull the flue gases too quickly through a boiler, not allowing the heat to be transferred into the boiler. The barometric damper is installed in the flue between the boiler and the chimney. It is set for the desired draft conditions using weights and adjustment screws.

PDF Common Venting with Flue Vent Damper

Common Venting with Flue Vent Damper Installation 5848 780 - 12 6 General Venting Information WARNING Ensure that the entire venting system is protected from physical damages. A damaged venting system may cause unsafe conditions. IMPORTANT Installation steps (outline) Boiler operation in marine environments (damp, salty coastal areas):

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11/24/2018 · Flue gas – Wikipedia. 2018-11-17 · Flue gas is the gas exiting to the atmosphere via a flue, which is a pipe or channel for conveying exhaust gases from a fireplace, oven, furnace, boiler or steam generator. Quite often, the flue gas refers to the combustion exhaust gas produced at power plants.

Draft Regulators - Barometric Dampers: A Guide to

The damper is installed on a shared flue or shared chimney: while it is not a recommended practice, if the damper is installed on a flue vent connector ("flue pipe" or "stack pipe" - the metal pipe connecting the heater to the chimney) that is shared with other heating appliances, then heat in the other appliance that is running or that has ...

Gas Boiler Flue Regulations: Things to Know before

What’s a boiler flue? This is a special pipe that takes away the fumes and provides the needed amount of fresh air to the boiler. Before installing a heating unit, a user should be …

Field Controls 6 in. Damper with Collar-6RCSTD

The Field Controls 6 in. Damper with Collar is designed for barometric draft control. This boiler replacement part is calibrated to allow for easy adjustment to match the furnace or boiler manufacturer's specifications. The Field RC is furnished as standard equipment on many leading brands of heating equipment. Commercial or residential; Oil or ...

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Find great deals on eBay for boiler damper. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay Logo: ... Field Controls 6 in Automatic Gas Fired Boiler Vent Damper 8116323 See more like this. ... PEERLESS BOILER 99544 FLUE COLLECTOR DAMPER ASSEMBLY, USE WITH SC/SCT-10 BOILER. Brand New. 7.85. Was: Previous Price 7.00.

A Flue Damper is a Must-Have When You Have a Boiler

When you have a flue damper installed, it will automatically open when fumes need to escape, then close again to prevent additional boiler heat from escaping. Steam boilers and flue dampers A flue damper is incredibly useful when you have a steam boiler installed in your home. These heating systems make use of steam

Help! Vent Damper Failed - Can I override to get us through

A quite tale of woe as a result of my three year old son turning our boiler on and off and managing to kill the vent damper. Obviously we now are without heat. Is there an easy way to override the damper so we can have some heat to get us through the night. The damper has four wires going into our Penco boiler. Any help is greatly appreciated.

electric flue dampers?? pros/cons? — Heating Help: The Wall

In looking at my flue temp recently, and realizing how cold it got for just a few minutes with the fluebox open...i've started giving more thought to the idea electric flue makes perfect sense, keep the hot air in and the cold air out ..

US4046318A - Automatic boiler damper

An automatic boiler damper comprising a solenoid valve secured to the pivot axis of a damper included within a stack utilized to vent a heating system. The solenoid is electrically operated upon the closing of a thermostat secured to the stack at a point immediately over the damper location. The damper is provided with a vent hole which enables the thermostat to detect the presence of heated ...

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Field Controls 46491600 - Vent Damper Motor Assembly - Plastic Base - This Field Controls replacement Motor with plastic base takes only a few minutes to install. It allows you to replace a defective motor without replacing an entire unit. This will save half the cost of replacing the entire assembly.

Automatic Stack Dampers

Rite Boilers can provide automatic stack dampers for all our atmospheric fired boilers. In addition to keeping the heat inside the boiler as the burner cycles on and off during normal operation, they'll also stop winter air from coming down the stack and freezing the water in the boiler tubes (potentially bursting them) whenever the boiler is not in operation.


Boiler U. WARE's state of the art facility in Louisville, KY, complete with a sixty seat lecture hall, cafeteria, thirty two seat classroom and a lab with four fully-operational boilers provides the ultimate hands on training.

Condensing Boiler Exhaust Dampers

VBD Damper . The VBD Vent Damper System consists of a single blade damper. It can be used as an on/off damper to prevent airflow though the appliance in an off cycle as well as to maintain a constant negative or positive pressure in the vent exhaust connector

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Exhaust Draft Control Introduction. Boilers must maintain a proper flue draft for efficient combustion; too little draft can result in condensation, CO formation, flue gas spillage, and soot formation. Too much draft results in lost thermal energy from the boiler and higher electrical usage by the vent fan.

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Damper sizes are generally called out using height by ... and boiler flue exhaust. They open when airflow (differential pressure) is present and closes when there is no differential. Mixing Sets of modulating control dampers that operate ... Dampers and Actuators Catalog.